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The reason of this page is to gather all required information for new nechanced documentation context. After determinig where the instruction content willbe located this page will be moved or deleted.

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Task 1


Explain the overall idea of the API and its benefits, with a technical example.

Please use a SAP.ODM lookup response (just CDQ CH, first match in values list) to explain that the jsonRecord is added and highlight the most important transformations (name -> orgData, identifiers -> taxNumbers/identifications with their types, legal form category -> legal form).

Overal Explenation

The Lookup Business Partners endpoint is designed to search for Business Partners within all available data sources. It is specifically crafted to provide data formatted to meet the unique needs of SAP users. The endpoint's primary objective is to offer a seamless integration of CDQ Data Model into the SAP One Domain Model, ensuring that the information is readily accessible and compatible with SAP systems.

CDQ Data Model SAP One Domain Model
name orgData
identifiers taxNumbers/identifications with their types
legal form category legal form

Task 2


Explain the need for value transformations and that we try to comply to SAP standard rules here (e.g., CHE-218.608.886 HR/MWST -> CHE218608886) and provide a complete list, and keep it up-to-date, with findings from Christian/Jakub and implementations from Kacper. Please document as a table like country (e.g., CH) / field (e.g., tax number) / field type (e.g., CH1) / transformation (by example, e.g., CHE-218.608.886 HR/MWST -> CHE218608886)

Overal Explenation

To ensure seamless integration and compliance with SAP standards, data transformations are essential. CDQ data model often contains values like 'CHE-218.608.886 HR/MWST' while SAP ODM adheres to a specific format, 'CHE218608886' These transformations bridge the gap between data models, enabling data to pass through internal SAP Data Validation checkpoints. It aligns the data with SAP's stringent standards, making it ready for further processing and validation within SAP systems. These transformations not only harmonize the data but also streamline the validation process, ensuring data accuracy and consistency throughout the SAP ecosystem.

Table to be stored in the documentation

Country Field Field type Transformation
CH Tax number CH1 CHE-218.608.886 HR/MWST -> CHE218608886