Set up a commercial Data Source CDQ in Cloud Apps


This tutorial explains how to set up a commercial Data Source in the Cloud Apps to be able to receive data from D&B/ BvD via CDQ. Please note that a contractual setup is needed with the commercial data provider in order to connect to their services.

REASON: the contractual setup is required with the provider to obtain the necessary provider login credentials and to align pricing with the provider for the data attributes that will be visible and downloaded via CDQ. Commercial provider data is not invoiced directly by CDQ.

After receiving the required provider login credentials, the process can be divided into the following steps:

process map commercial data


  • Check your CDQ apps account.

Log into the CDQ Cloud Apps


No account?

  1. If your organization is already a CDQ customer, ask your internal point of contact to create a CDQ dedicated account or request account . Account detail will be sent by email.
  2. If your organization is not yet a CDQ customer, please contact us to get started.

Step 1. Contract with commercial data provider

To use commercial Data Source CDQ in Cloud Apps Customer needs to have a signed contract with a specific commercial Data Source provider (D&B, BvD etc.) using valid credentials from the provider.

CDQ supports connections to Dun & Bradstreet and BvD out of the box. You will need access to these data providers interfaces and valid credentials for any choice of the following commercial data products:


D&B Direct Plus: Company Profile with Executives and Linkages

D&B Data Blocks: Master Data Basic

D&B Data Blocks: Master Data Extended



Financials Modul



If you are unsure if your contract with any of the commercial data providers supports connectivity with CDQ, please contact your CDQ representative.

Step 2. Activate external data sources

You can switch different data sources on and off from within the „Data Source Management“ function inside the Global settings.


The available sources are documented here.

  1. Navigate to Global Settings .


  1. Navigate to Data Source Management . By default, all data sources are disabled. Switch them by navigating to the gear button on the right.

dnb credentials2

  1. Activate the source by moving the slider to active. Repeat these steps for each source needed.

dnb credentials

  1. Terms of use: Some data sources may require an opt-in to their terms of use. The slider (1) cannot be activated until agreeing with the provider terms of use. A click onto the information-icon takes you to the terms of the given data source. After confirming by checking the terms-of-use-checkbox, the slider will then be capable of being activated.

img 20

  1. Commercial Data Sources needs special credentials, configure them by clicking the „show / hide credentials“ button.

img 21

  1. Enter your credentials from the external source here to activate the source.

Step 3. Activate new provider

  1. Navigate to Business Partner Lookup App .


  1. Click the Wheel Icon .


  1. Data Source needs to be added in The Features ON to be successfully provided in the results.


  1. Check connectivity.

Enter a company name and a country and check if results arrive from the new provider.

BP results

Step 4. Create an API key (Optional)

To connect to the CDQ services via API, you will need a CDQ API key to be set up inside the new organization. The key generation can be found inside the utility apps. API keys are a central element inside the CDQ-environment:

  • They store what sources to use for your requests.
  • They store how these sources are configured.
  • They determine the priority of sources.

If connecting to multiple target systems, you may need to set up multiple API keys for different purposes in your organization.


To get the API Key go to the first step of Authentication instruction.

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