How to connect the CDQ Cloud Apps and API to D&B?


Use Case

This use case describes the recommended way to connect the CDQ Cloud Apps and API to Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) data sources.

Learning Goals

In this tutorial, the user will be focused on:

  • Connecting to a D&B data source using CDQ's cloud apps.
  • Creating an API key to call services related to D&B data sources.

Step 1: Login

To set up and test the CDQ AML Guard, you have to log in to the CDQ Cloud Apps.


Click on Sign In and enter your username and password.


Step 2: Connect to D&B

CDQ is connected to various data sources, from business and tax registers to commercial data providers such as D&B or Moody's. D&B data source must be activated first.


For a complete list of available data sources, check here.

  1. Navigate to the Global settings tab in the CDQ Cloud Apps,

rg img001

  1. Scroll down to the Reference Data Source Management section,

rg img002

  1. Filter the results typing dnb.master in the Short name field,

CDQ has predefined data sources in terms of data packages that refer to a particular selection of D&B data blocks.

rg img003

  1. Click on the Settings button to activate the desired data source.
  2. To activate the selected D&B package:
    • Set Status toggle to Active ,
    • Enter your client id and client secret as provided by D&B.

Make sure that the required workspace has sufficient quota assigned!

rg img004

  1. To limit the requests to D&B services, set the organization quota according to enterprise needs.

Make sure to check that the Data Blocks in your D&B license match the ones listed in the table below.

Optional: Commercial Ultimates and Legal Entity detection

CDQ enhances the D&B services with some services that are not available native inside D&B. These services utilize the D&B data to calculate usecases which are often needed but not represented inside D&B.

Commercial Ultimates


Please refer to "How to download a Commercial Ultimate" for a more detailed explanation of the Commercial Ultimate.

To get started, these settings need to be performed prior to getting access. For generating Commercial Ultimates, one of the data source packages "D&B Master Data plus Extended" or "D&B Master Data plus Linkage" is to be activated. The following products of D&B may be used for the calculation of the "Commercial Ultimate":

Data source Data Block:
Data Block:
Data Block:
Data Block:
Commercial Ultimate
D&B Master Data Basic Yes - - - No
D&B Master Data plus Management - Yes Yes - No
D&B Master Data plus Linkage - Yes - Yes Yes
D&B Master Data Extended - Yes Yes Yes Yes

Legal Entity Detection

Generally, the legal entity detection can be run based on all D&B products. In terms of cost-efficiency, it is recommended to use it on smaller data-packages such as "Master Data Basic" or "Master Data plus Management". All D&B products that contain the "hierarchy and connections"-Datablock (e.g. "Master Data plus Linkage," "Master Data Extended") already contain the information of the legal entity itself. This means that it is the CDQ recommendation to use this function in scenarios where no corporate linkage is needed, but the distinction between a branch and its legal entity is to be detected.

Step 3: Create an API Key

For integrating the commercial ultimate detection in enterprise application, an API Key is required. Create as many API keys as needed. CDQ recommand to have separate API Keys for different business functions.

Instruction Available

Use Authentication instruction to create an API Key.


API Key details can't be restored. Make sure to save obtained credentials in a secure place, e.g., a password manager. Do not store API keys in note files.

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